Monday, July 28, 2008

Wrong on So Many Levels

Ok so I don't know which is worse in this picture . . . the fact that Carter has regressed to being a baby by insisting on having a bottle (a common regression in this house since Kelsey has been born) . . . OR the fact that he seems to have PROgressed to manhood with is hand down his pants, I mean diaper? Atleast he was watching Caillou and not Sports Center or something - geesh!

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Kelsey and I had a whole week to ourselves. Carter visited Gramie and Pop-Pop in Hilton Head and ended his week at a Horse Show in Asheville, NC where Phill met him and brought him home. This picture was taken just before us girls headed out for church - our last little outing without the boys (or atleast one particular crazy 2 yr old boy).

This is my first attempt to do a video. So this is just a trial run of Kelsey playing today . . .

Friday, July 25, 2008

13 Random Facts About Me

1. I read a magazine from back to front.
2. I hate salespeople bothering me while I shop.
3. I love having a bowl of cereal every night before bed - I usually combine 2 or 3 cereals.
4. Almost every time I come home after a hard run or workout, I am in the mood to clean.
5. I hate it when I step into something wet with my socks on.
6. If I have to pee really bad (usually on a road trip), I can't stand for anyone to touch me.
7. I am almost always self-conscious about what I'm wearing at a social gathering.
8. I hate watching a movie twice.
9. I used to collect banana stickers.
10. I hardly ever make my bed and I have no regrets each night as I climb back into it.
11. I have been known more times than I want to admit, to finish off a whole box of wheat thins in one day.
12. There are very few days that go by that I don't have a diet coke, pretzels, and peanut butter at some point.
13. I love taking the time to write lists like this because it makes me feel like I am less boring than I think I am.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beach Vacation

We went on the Vansant family vacation to Isle of Palms, SC last week. Carter woke up every morning saying, "I ready to go swimming now Mommy, let's go!" We kept having to tell him it would be just a little bit longer until we could go out. (We didn't want to be "that family" in the swimming pool in the middle of all the condos at 7am) However, one morning Carter got tired of waiting on me to get things ready to go so he promptly got out all the gear for going out ("fishee diaper", swimming suit, and "sunscreem") and laid on the floor ready for me to get him ready. He wasn't a fan of the ocean this trip (afraid the waves would "get him") but the swimming pool was a big hit. Kelsey was such a little trooper all week. She took a few naps under the tent at the beach and just loved watching all the kids around her all day long.
Here is Carter at the swimming pool. Thank goodness we drove to the coast 6 hours to find a POOL, right? Ha. It was worth it though - he became MUCH more comfortable in the water this week.
Carter loved playing with his cousin Luke. They had a big time playing indoors in a homemade fort one rainy day.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The First Times Are So Much Fun

We visited Gramie and Pop-Pop in Hilton Head a couple weeks ago. Carter was able to ride his first pony ("Tinkerbell"). He loved evey minute of it and Pop-Pop loved watching him so much that he took him back multiple times for a ride!

Kelsey went to the beach for the first time. It was quite windy so Gramie kept her snuggled up - I doubt she even knew she was in a different place. Nonetheless, it was a first : )

Carter has of course been to the beach before. However, this is the first time he didn't need to be carried and willingly stood in the ocean with a smile on his face!

First tennis lesson! Carter has amazed us with how patient and focused he is at tennis lessons. He loves it! Every tuesday he announces he is going to his "first tennis lesson and it is SO much fun!" He is the youngest out there but very well behaved.

First time to go potty!!! I have not gotten too serious about the potty training - mainly because we are about to leave for another trip (a 4 out of 6 straight weekend travel for Carter). But I must say he takes the potty seriously and tries with all his might to go so he can get an M&M.
** Cute Carter Story of the Day: He's getting too smart for me. Today I was ironing (don't worry you won't catch me doing this often because I'm horrible at it and I hate it). Anyways, I had not checked the video monitor in a while to check on Kelsey sleeping. So I asked Carter to check on Kelsey for me with the monitor across the room. He promptly goes over to it and clicks on the video button to see her. I ask, "Carter is she still sleeping?" He tilts his head and pauses for quite a while, staring at the screen. Then turns to me and says very matter of factly, "Yep, she's stiiilll sleeping" Just his manipulative little smirk made me check the monitor myself. Kelsey was wide awake playing on her back. Clearly, Carter thought through this and knew if she was still sleeping, I'd keep playing with him and not have to go get her. Smart Boy - but busted in the act!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Fun Times

Kelsey tried rice cereal last week for the first time - I'd say she likes it by this face!

We hosted a baby shower for Ashly. Kelsey hung with the crowd past her bedtime since it was too much fun!
Then . . . a day before we were to leave for Hilton Head . . . Carter gets strep throat. He fell asleep on the couch like this while we were cleaning the kitchen.

We are loving the pool this summer. Our good friends Shayna and Andrew joined us!

No Carter is not crying in this picture. He's actually pooping. Sometimes when he gets lazy or into a toy in the living room, he decides to forgo his private spot in the next room and just makes himself disappear the best way he knows how . . . just cover your eyes and go to it!
Carter is doing so great 'trying' to play with Kelsey lately. And she's eating it up. Let me give you some commentary:
"Here Kelsey, play the guitar"
"What is this thing again? I'm not sure I understand what to do""Go like this Kelsey. Like a rockstar" "You're funny brother. Can I just watch YOU?"