Monday, October 20, 2008

October Fun

Camping with a Toddler 101

Well the "real" camping trip happened. Phill ventured with Carter to the North Carolina mountains with 2 of his best buddies (John and Jason) and John's son, Jack. The plan, which was very well organized, was to stay 2 nights with the boys in the woods. But the rain happened instead. Jack and Carter look more than thrilled to be thrown under this tarp while the men set up the tent.
Still the boys made the most of it and stayed one night. I got a call at 9:30am the next day saying they were moving to a nearby cabin. Phill can answer this his own way - but if you ask me, I think the rain was a good excuse to escape to civilization with 2 toddlers. The long chats by the fire, hiking and fly fishing are quickly dismissed when there are little ones to entertain and watch over.
Kudos to Daddy though, for taking the time to have a weekend getaway with Carter and making it so much fun for him (AND for keeping him safe and warm). Carter still got to roast marshmallows and catch fish at the cabin.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Word Play

It is a somewhat hectic moment in the Galbeath household. It's lunchtime. Kelsey is hungry and tired - and letting us know it. The TV is on and I am trying to get carter to sit down for lunch so I can feed Kelsey. It's so chaotic that Carter asks for the TV to be turned off. And our little word play begins . . .
"Great idea Carter," I say turning off the TV. "Sometimes it's just nice to have some PEACE and quiet!"
"What'd you say Mommy?" says Carter (this is his 'go to' response when he is confused)
"I said it's nice to have some peace, huh?" I say.
Carter looks down at his plate of food very intently, "Mommy, there's no peas here today."
"Not peas, Carter. PEACE. You have peace when everyone is happy and quiet and calm."
Carter still looks rather perplexed at this explanation but decides to hold up his cheese and says, "Oh, then what does this PIECE of cheese have, Mommy?"
I decide to give up. Smiling, I respond, "That piece of cheese has to be eaten. Now eat up your lunch bud!"

I love interacting with a toddler as they learn new words - or not in this case. We'll try again for "peace" another day.