Thursday, October 28, 2010

Not Forgotten

I wince at the number of days, weeks, months that have gone by since my last blog post. But, the 'blog update' guilt cloud hangs over me not so much because I haven't shared with my readers what is going on in the Galbreath home. It is more painful knowing that because I've kept all these sweet moments and stories of my children to myself, they may just be forgotten in the days to come. A very scarey realization for a mother -- that no matter how large God created her brain, she simply cannot tuck away every word, laughter, hug, facial expression, and "first" in a mommy memory vault. Hence the common phrase I hear, "please say you wrote that down!"
So here I go, onto my virtual journal and scrapbook, so that these sweet sweet days I have with a full of life two year old and a stunning and sensitve four year old .. are .. not... forgotten.
Of Carter -- I do not want to forget that
- He asked me last week as we were saying his goodnight prayers, "When is God going to start praying to ME, Mommy?"
- It takes him more than twice as long to get over one of Kelsey's spankings or time outs as it does Kelsey herself.
- He has become somewhat of a clepto, uh, I mean "collector" I honestly do not understand how he runs around with the contents in his pockets -- coins, leaves, sticks, ROCKS, bottle tops and other 'treasures' (aka trash!) I thought this was going to be a short lived phase but he's hanging on pretty well at this. You'd think the child has no toys to play with the way he covets an old rubberband dropped on the floor of Target. (PS he is dying for a metal detector from Santa so he can pick up even more lost treasures!)
- He can flat out HIT a BASEball! And the fact that we ended up in the ER with a bloody nose from a flyball did not stop him getting back on the field again the same week. He got his first in the park homerun this season and batted a double left handed! (yes Phill is that dad/coach that suggests to his 4 yr old that he switch hit in a game) His focus during a TBall game makes us so proud!

Of Kelsey, I do not want to forget:
- The way she looks randomly at Phill out of the corner of her eyes smiling and says, "You awesome Daddy."
- How she likes to instruct, teach and conduct an audience. She just needs a small stool or box to stand on and people to obey her commands and listen to her. If Kelsey is singing, it is very important that you not join in until told to do so. She does love to hear herself sing.
- When I tuck her in to sleep, her #1 delay tactic is to say, "Mommy WAIT, " I come closer, "Tell me something Mommy" That is code for her wanting me to tell her all the things that she is going to do when she wakes up. The next few minutes (or longer) consist of her asking me if she can take bunny ... and baby... and pillow.. (all the items in her bed) to the places we will go. She will not truly let me leave the room unless she has said, "night night" on her own terms.
- She is still a very picky eater. But a game of family 'I Spy' at the dinner table has done wonders as she has to take a bite before she takes her turn. She gets so excited as to what she picks in her eye spy game that her turn goes like this, "I Spy with my lil eye ... sumfin that is PINK ...... (we try to start a guess) .. MY SHIRT!!!"
- Potty Training has been fun with Kelsey. Yes I said "fun" and "potty training" in the same sentence. She has really taken initiative in this and has been especially good at going #2 on the potty. However, her amusement stems from the surprise shape of her creation in the potty. This week she came running in from the bathroom saying, "Mommy, I poopied a SNOWMAN!!" Yesterday she told me she pooped a rock at school. Whatever works, right?
Ahh, now my mommy brain is a bit unloaded and hopefully I can go forward and be better to update the blog regularly. The next post will have more pictures -- I promise!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Plug for What's Good for You ...

I am pretty sure most of my readers know I am a distributor for Juice Plus. I've taken the product for about 8 years now and I believe in it %110! So why not blog about it?! There is truly nothing you can dispute it for - its pure and simple 17 different fruits, veggies and grains in a daily capsule form. Probably more than I love taking the product myself, is that I can give my children the Juice Plus gummies. Oh the comfort of knowing that are putting some real goodness in their mouths at the end of the day - and I don't' even have to bargain for it!

Speaking of Juice Plus and KIDS ... here's good news if you don't already know.

Juice Plus+ established a Children Health Study several years ago to benefit children between the ages of 4 through college. With every new adult Juice Plus+ customer an accompanying child can receive Juice Plus+ capsules or soft chews for free! This incentive was created to heighten awareness in our children today to the importance of nutrition and the impact that it has on our lives today and in the future.

Did you know…?

For the first time in history the U.S. life expectancy will fall dramatically in coming years, a startling shift in a long-running trend toward longer lives.
Associated Press March 2005.

Juice Plus+ not only wants to partner with individuals to provide a tool to assist them in filling the nutritional gap between what they eat and what they should eat, but they also want to provide them educational support to encourage them down that road to better health. The Juice Plus+ Children’s Health Study is a way to track the progress that is being made once a child begins to consume Juice Plus+. Detailed below you can see the longer a person takes Juice Plus+ the better their health picture!

Feel free to contact me with questions concerning this wonderful opportunity! I don’t know of many people today who consume 9 – 13 raw fruits and vegetables a day like we should…Juice Plus+ helps us meet that challenge! What a great way to build the body of a growing child and prepare them for adulthood than to give them foundational nutrition!

Monday, May 17, 2010

When Your Heart Bursts with Pride . . .

Our little guy often gives us that feeling that parents get when your heart literally feels like it's swelling with pride. Not a feeling better in this world! Carter has been such a blessing to us. He's just such the rule follower and has a work ethic that is fueled by a passionate heart. He truly lives life to the fullest and I love it!!

I actually just told a parent today at Carter's school that I wish I could take 'parenting' credit for his behavior and demeanor ... but I believe God formed his little heart this way and its only my job to steer his passions in the right way and just let him be who God created him to be - a strong heart with tender words and actions.

Carter has been most passionate about BASEBALL lately. He just finished his first TBall season and he finally 'gets' the game. He is either playing Wii baseball (VERY passionately of course.. to the point we've had to turn it off several times b/c he starts to cry when he thinks he might lose), or he's outside with Daddy playing catch, OR he's in front of the tv watching Braves baseball. Yes, we have to now record EVERY game so that he can watch it the next day since he obviously cannot stay up to finish all the games. And when I say he watches it as a 4 yr old, he is not merely glancing at it as he colors or runs around and plays. This kids has eyes glued to every single pitch. We have to pause it for him to go use the restroom.

Of course his passion and leadership spill out in school as well. So today my heart did swell as I watched him on stage singing at his preschool end of the year ceremony. (I wish you could have seen the whole performance and stage to know just how 'on point' Carter was compared to the other kids in his class. The class above his row are older kids by the way)

Thank you God for letting us parent this child - so fun!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


This is Daddy and Kelsey's little acomplishment. They work on it every night when he puts her down for bed. Kelsey has been a little behind on her speech - most likely due to many many months of ear infections in her short life so far. So we are trying to really work with her to speak clearly! She's so proud of her ABC's. Next we will work with Daddy on learning his ABC's- since he skipped right over "J" and "K" without a blink of an eye : )

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring is in the Air ....

We feel Spring set in motion. Between egg hunts, Tball games, and lazy afternoon play in our driveway, it feels so refreshing to be outside. And I must say with Kelsey at 2 yrs old and Carter at 4 yrs old, days are getting so much easier and FUN! We are counting down until the pool opens. In the meantime, we definitely are enjoying any sunshine we can get!

These next pics are taken on one of those 'after nap play in the driveway until daddy gets home' days! The neighbors usually congregate and it makes for such a fun way to spend those dreaded hours for a mom at the end of the day waiting on dinner and daddy : ) [Speaking of Daddy, he bought me this new amazing camera for our 7th anniversary this month - I love it!]

Kelsey quickly insists on being "too hot" in the sunshine so she just takes off her shirt. I mean, that is the logical solution, right mom? She loves watching Carter play 'bay ball' and swings her bat around next to Carter.

Go Nationals! Carter (and whole family) are deeply invested in TBall this year. Who would have thought that a 4 yr old would have to be at the park up to 3 times a week with practices or a game. He takes it seriously though - as you can see with that tonque out!

(Again, shirtless Kelsey - we'll work on that. I promise I did buy her shirts this year)

And the "look." Oh how many countless times a day do we see this look. Actually in this picture she had just fallen down outside while trying to push her babydoll in her stroller. So this look is really saying, "do you really think I want you to take my picture right now Mom?" Phill just calls it her prima donna look.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kelsey Turns 2!

Kelsey Laine just celebrated two years of life. And that life is FULL in her! In honor of our daughter at her 2nd birthday, I'll share two qualites that I think describe her:

1. Kelsey is fearless. She adores being the star of the room; her eyes are the brightest when people are watching her. This applies to almost every aspect in her little life and an attribute that we are proud of in many ways, but one that we worry about in her too. She is fearless and confident when it comes to strangers. Quite frequently in public she can be found trying to get a stranger's attention to show off her bow or point to Carter to show off her big brother. She is fearless in a physical sense too -- Phill tries to see fear in her eyes throwing her up in the air or flipping her upside down -- but she just smiles and says "again, again".
She's tough and not much can really break her spirit. Especially in the area of discipline. Phill is the stricter parent, and Carter falls right in line at an intense word of instruction from Daddy. Not so much Kelsey. Here's an example:

At dinner table. Kelsey stands in her highchair (eyeing Daddy the whole time, I might add, as if to say, "are you seeing this Daddy? Whatcha gonna do?)

Daddy: "Kelsey, Please sit down and eat your dinner"

Kelsey: Squats down. Then begins to stand up again, cutting her eyes at Daddy.

Daddy: "Kelsey, sit down or you are going to time out"

Kelsey: Pouty face but not sitting down.

Daddy: Gets up from table with a stern look and comes towards her.

Kelsey: Quickly sits down but decides to do it HER way. She turns sideways, plops her bottom down for daddy - but props her feet up on the highchair for herself and eats the rest of her dinner. ('fine, have it your way daddy, but I'll have it mine too)

We just rolled our eyes, and laughed.

An icing eater -- Carter is a cake eater .... does this surprise you?

2. Kelsey is a woman with a detailed plan. Anyone who has babysat for Kelsey knows that if she sits down to do a puzzle or play with a game, she will probably look at you and then tap the spot next to her for you to come sit with her. She won't give it up until you come sit with her either. She has an exact seating chart for the whole family at times. She loves helping me cook or clean and takes that plan very seriously.

She knows how things are done and she wants it done right. By the time she was 15 months, she could climb into the drivers seat in the car (while parked in the garage) and find the correct car key and insert it in the ignition. If she is playing with a doll, I have to get a bowl of goldfish for her AND baby. And of course if she is playing playdoh, I must also get out some for the doll (do I have a 3rd child?) She definately knows what she wants -- this might translate into "bossy" one day, but right now it's mostly cute : )

Here she dressed up in her new princess dress, and of course that meant that Carter needed to dress up too!

She is growing up for sure!

One Year Old

Kelsey at TWO years old! Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Carter!

A few days ago, Carter turned 4 years old. And I'll tell you what - we are certainly not the same without those 4 years of having him in our lives. This kid knocks our socks off! I am so proud of the little person he is becoming - seeing the qualities God rooted deep in his being, begin to really grow!

In honor of the #4 birthday, I have chosen 4 qualities in Carter that we adore:

1- First and foremost, he has the most compassionate heart I've ever seen in such a young boy. Here is a quick story to display that: Last weekend, Carter and Kelsey decided to have a little popcorn picnic under the kitchen table after church on a rainy day. Phill and I were busying around the house. Carter comes up to me and says, "you know what, Kelsey was trying to eat one of these Mommy!" (as he holds up a popcorn kernel). "Oh no," I say, "yeah, don't let her eat those Carter" (knowing that she does usually spit them out if she ever gets one in her mouth). Phill walks in the kitchen and hears a "clink, clink, clink". Fast approaching the sound, Phill becomes aware of his two little picnic buddies putting popcorn kernels down the floor vent. Afterwards, with a quivering lip, Carter starts to explain his motivation for the unacceptable, you-know-better, behavior. "Daddy," he says, "you know the whole reason I was doing that with Kelsey?. . . . I was just trying to keep her from eating those kernels"

(picture of Carter with Mary Laine - he loves holding 'babies')

2. His humor. This is a quality that is quickly developing over the past year. I started to realize that so many of the preschool class mom's were consistently saying that their child loved Carter because he was "so funny"! He has his father's love of slapstick comedy I do believe and at a preschool level, he has been known to put on a little comedy show for us in the evenings. Laughter does soothe the soul.

3. His competitive nature. Again a quality from his dad and one I've already written about. I hope this is channeled more in sports than anything else. But I must say the boy weaves a good competition into all aspects of his life. Even the smallest of tasks. For example, Pops will ask Carter if he needs to go potty (usually from obvious physical "gotta go pee" signs he is displaying). Carter will say, "No, I don't have to." To make the truth come out, all Pops will say is, "I bet you can't go tinkle by the time I count to 15 ... one.. two.. " Promptly we hear the sound of pattering feet towards the bathroom and the potty lid banging open. : )

4. He's a rule follower. We cherish this quality of course as parents - especially since Kelsey was born and we realized not all children are born rule followers : ) He's been this way all his life -- at 18 months we told him to not ever get out of his big boy bed without mommy or daddy coming to get him. Rule explained, rule followed. In his little basketball league this year, coaches told him to stay in his "zone" for defense and hold his hands up. This was the one rule Phill had to try to break all season - so that he'd actually get out of his "zone" and run to get a loose ball. And everytime I put the kids in the car to just go down the street and tell carter he doesn't have to buckle his carseat all the way since we are just going a few houses down, he always says, "oh but mommy, I sure hope there is not a policeman on the street." Thank you Carter for your honest and simple obedience (in most things, he IS still a kid!)



One Year Old

Two Years Old

Three Years Old

Four Years Old!!