Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October At Its Best . . .

We have been busy letting Carter experience the season of Fall and Halloween. This year has been so much fun watching Carter explore what it's all about. We picked out our pumpkin with Gramie and Pop-Pop.

Carter's best friend, Hailey, was there too. As you can see, he is in a moment of bliss -- praying to God that this moment of hand holding and pumpkins never end.

Berry Patch Farms

Carter went with his playgroup buddies to Berry Patch Farms in Woodstock recently. There were goats, pigs, and chickens to watch and most importantly a REAL tractor to sit on. The farm was great but I realized that driving 45 minutes on a hot day during nap time to basically sit on a tractor (which is ALL Carter was interested in doing) could have been simplified greatly by going to Pops' tractor down the road. Who knew the kid loved tractors so much?!

The day ended with a fun hayride, which Carter loved because it was of course pulled by another tractor!