Friday, June 13, 2008

Father of the Year

Anyone with kids in diapers are probably well aware of what this is - Yes, Phill has the dirty diapers from the Diaper Genie (the poopie sausage link as we like to call it) around his neck. Any father who does this surely has crossed the threshold into Father of the Year. And before he kills me for posting this, let me just tell you about Phill as a father this year. He's knocked my socks off!

Phill has always put %100 into his job as a father. But since Kelsey has been born, he's stepped up his game even more. Because we have a nursing infant, it just works out that Carter has become his main parental duty. And he takes that role with all his heart . . . and time. Phill gets up with Carter every morning before work and loves his half asleep cartoon time with Carter on the couch before he has to shower for work. But I think the moment in the day that makes me most proud to have Phill as the father of my children is when he comes in from work every day.

Phill meets Carter at the door with the same energy and excitement as Carter has as a 2 yr old who adores his daddy. Even if daddy has had a bad day - Carter never knows it. Because he immediately is taken away to 'jump on the bed' (ONLY a daddy game) - or play golf in the front yard - or go help daddy water the plants or grill our dinner. I know many dads do these fun things with their toddlers. But its the genuine enthusiasm that Phill has for his kids - especially after a long day of work when I'm sure he just wants to come home and sit on the couch and unwind.
Phill puts Carter to bed most nights with these words ( I love listening on the monitor), "Carter, I'm proud of you, I believe in you, and I love you." Carter sometimes says this with his daddy or might even roll his little eyes - but it melts my heart every time.

Recently, Phill told me that Carter has truly become his best friend. I wholeheartedly believe that because I can see it in the way he loves him. I can't think of a better father than one who chooses to be the best of friends with his two year old. I am excited to see the bond that grows between Kelsey and Phill as father/daughter. No doubt she will be as blessed as Carter is to have a father like they have.

Thank you Phill for always putting in the extra effort to not only be a father - but to be a great one! We love you and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Little Glimpse at JUNE so far . . .

Kelsey has become such a great laid back baby (except for that dreaded hour between 6 and 7pm before bedtime). I got to have a little photo shoot with my girl while Carter napped yesterday.

We had some painters do some work last week on our house. I showed Carter what they were doing - before I knew it, he had gone to get his two chairs and lined them up on the driveway. He was ready for us to just sit and watch the painters all day long.

Funny Carter Story: We are still getting a kick out of Carter's 'pretend play' these days. He never fails to take it to the next level of humor. He frequently takes away Kelsey's toy and kindly replaces it with something really exciting like a fish or ball . . . only its a PRETEND fish or ball. This doesn't quite cut it for Kelsey just yet and I don't think Carter understands that. It makes me laugh nonetheless.

Yesterday, Carter brought me a chocolate chip cookie. I responded well and took it from his hand and ate the ball of air out of my hand diligently. Carter started to walk away . . . then stopped and looked at me with his head cocked to one side. "Mommy, " he said, "you have chocolate on your face!" I think I'm in for a long road if I can't even keep my face clean from a pretend cookie.