Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Photo Shoot

We believe ...

Christmas this year was one to remember. Not just because mommy and daddy were giddy shopping down the toy aisles multiple times, but because we had a little boy who believed with all of his being in the spirit of Christmas. The "spirit" of christmas, to me, was Carter this year. He came down the stairs every single day in December with a sense of anticipation - searching for "Elfie" and putting up another ornament on the advent tree. Carter was just as amazed in the story of Santa Claus riding thru the sky with his reindeers as he was in awe of the wise men following a star to find baby Jesus in a manger. In fact, on Christmas morning Carter busted in our bedroom saying, "Mommy, Daddy, Santa came.. He really did!" .... then in almost the same breath he said, "oh, I almost forgot to tell Baby Jesus Happy Birthday today" I know that Santa Claus can sometimes taint the "true meaning" of Christmas .. but to see a little boy completely wrapped up in ALL of it - the sweet gift of Jesus and the FUN tradition of Santa Claus - was what brought our family the Spirit of Christmas this year.

Kelsey of course loved all of her GIRLY toys that Santa brought. Daddy insisted on waking her up to open gifts on Christmas morning. She is a little under the weather as you can tell - but enjoyed every bit of it all the same.

We had our annual Christmas Day brunch with Mimi, Pops and Uncle Jon. Carter asked ONLY for a Hungry Hungry Hippo from Santa. And despite GI Joe's, swords and a Leapster -- he'll tell you that Hungry Hungry Hippo was his favorite : )