Thursday, March 26, 2009

Every Penny Counts!

This is what its like to be a 3 yr old and have a banker for a daddy in an economic recession:

Seriously, Carter did LOVE breaking open his full piggy bank to count his money last weekend. He and Daddy are going to the "real" bank to open in his own account this week!

He's too much like his daddy. He will never leave a project once its started, even if he's dead tired. (Thanks Pops and Pop-Pop for all your generous donations to the piggy bank over the last few years!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Carter's First KICKS

Carter's soccer season started last Saturday. He had a blast of course - as with any sport he plays!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Carter's 3 yr Old Mind This Month . . .

I thought I would take the time to share some really funny conversations I've had with Carter lately. Yes, I think they are hilarious and I want you to get a good chuckle too while reading them. But mostly, this is my way of documenting these things that I fail to write down. My virtual baby book I suppose.

Where do you live?

Last night at the dinner table I thought I'd quiz Carter and teach him our street address. A good thing to know in case he's lost - plus the kid can memorize all the verses to a song after hearing just twice so why not have him memorize our address. Anyways, I spend atleast 20 minutes back and forth with him, repeating our house number and street. He's repeating it beautifully. I tell him this is what you say when someone needs to know where your house is. I decide to quiz him after this very long repetition back and forth to check my teaching success,

"So Carter," I say, "Where do you live?"

"China." Carter answers. Without hesitation, just like that.

... We'll keep working on that one.


Time to cut Carter's fingernails and toenails. He wasn't particulary crazy about this plan. So I gave him a little treat to munch on and tried to distract him quickly with getting into a story.

"Wow, Carter," I say while trying to snip away, "We sure do need to cut these nails. They are like CLAWS!"

Carter looks a tad puzzled but its getting his attention so the plan is succeeding.

"Carter, who else has claws?" I ask, thinking he'd tell me a ferocious animal that I could then tell a story about.

Carter answers, "Santa . . . right?!"

Um, sorta : )

I absolutely love his working little vocabulary mind these days. He's using the word "seriously" quite a bit lately. Telling Phill the other night that he could go . . . "seriously Daddy, you can go."

I feel like I am with an adult for brief moments throughout the day sometimes. Like today, Carter walks outside in the sunshine to play cars with me on the deck and says, "Oh Mom, it's just a lovely day today isn't it?" This was of course followed by a screaming fit just 2 short minutes later because his matchbox car went through the crack off the deck. (Like I said, the adult moments are brief . . . but still lovely) And I can always learn alot from him too I think - especially his genuine childlike faith.

For instance, Kelsey started crawling towards the stairs (going down) at my parents house today. I rush over and scoop her up saying, "no no Kelsey, those are scarey stairs!"

Carter quickly adds, "Yes, but Mommy, God will always take care of her."

True Carter, very true! (And I think God gave us baby gates to help take care of her!)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Capturing Kelsey in March . . . .

The picture above and below are a great depiction of the horrendous nasal fluid that Kelsey has experienced this month. She wakes up with a lovely hairstyle, compliments of a 'natural' hair gel she seems to be producing in large amounts during the night.

This outfit came with a matching cap - I had to take her picture because I don't believe I'll ever actually put her in this ridiculous hat for public viewing. (That would be cruel).