Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Moment to Document . . .

I really wanted to take the time to document some things about Carter, quickly approaching 4 yrs old, and Kelsey, quickly coming upon age 2. The blog is just the best way for me to do it. So as it stands now . . .

Favorite Foods:
Carter - Eggs or Pizza
Kelsey - Eggs or Fries

Favorite Songs:
Carter - Berenstein Bears theme song (this is a family ritual. At approximately 7:30pm every night you can find the entire Galbreath family on the couch - milk in hand, pjs on - singing the theme song to Berenstein Bears. Daddy and Carter don't miss a word. Kelsey and Mommy are close behind : )
Kelsey - anything you are singing to her at the time. She truly loves music like Carter does and she'll keep tune with the best of 'em.

Favorite Treat:
C and K - Lollipops!

Least Favorite Things (aka "what really bothers them right now"):Carter - When things are out of place (thank you Phillip for passing on this trait) - like when his sippy cup (though empty) falls over or heaven forbid when his cheese stick is in the same "compartment" as his grapes on his plate. He dislikes spills very much too. If something gets wet on him, we must change it immediately.
Kelsey - When Carter touches her. She is very much a proponet of her own personal space lately. If Carter repeatedly picks at her, it is not uncommon to see her scowl, roar with anger, then lower her head and flat out charge Carter in a tackle/stomach bite. Ouch! Carter then will proceed to back off. This girl will no doubt hold her own.

Our "Works in Progress":
- learning how to lose. IF you know Carter at all, competition is a huge part of his being (we race to finish our dinner, buckle ourselves in the car, get dressed, etc --- another trait that can be found elsewhere in our family, hmmm) This is something that really works to my advantage as a mom trying to get a 3 yr old to accomplish daily tasks. HOWEVER, coming in second place is not alway received well. So we are working on this.
Kelsey - oh the whining... this is especially prevalent when Phill comes home at night. NOT because she doesn't like Phill but Kelsey gets extra clingy to her mommy. We have made a plan to ignore this behavior and in the meantime, even Carter is going crazy with the "mooooommmmmyyyy" whines.

Favorite Article of Clothes:
- his PJS. For some reason, Carter is really into what PJ's he wears at night. He likes to pick them out and gets excited when he puts a 'really cool' outfit together. Like the other night, his 'bear pants' with his old soccer jersey (#6). He woke up the next morning and came downstairs saying, "mommy.. guess what? #6 just woke up at #7!"
K - SHOES SHOES SHOES! Since 18 months old, the girls knows exactly what pair of shoes she wants to wear each day and if that particular pair does not go on her feet by her mommy, she makes sure I know it. She even loves wearing her shoes after we put her pjs on at night. I wish she felt the same way about bows in her hair!

Favorite Game to Play with Mommy or Daddy:
- the good ol BOY games. He loves playing "special agent Oso" or Batman. Saving people and killing people. Amazing how God enstills that burden to protect in boys, huh? I love it.
Kelsey - she loves to go push the refridgerator toy that plays music, then grabs both my hands, and does the best all out little toddler jig she can muster up -- stomping her feet fast and laughing the whole time. and doing it again.. and again.

Most Proud of:
Carter - loves to do anything that we tell him will MAKE US PROUD. He will clean his plate no matter how full he is or how long it takes, just because he revels in the moment of hiding his clean plate behind his back and whipping it out to surprise us that it's clean (by this point he usually has to come find us in the house b/c we've been done eating for several minutes)
Kelsey - she's pretty self-sufficient in tasks like getting in the car and into her carseat by herself (she'll even attempt to buckle herself in). she also stands on a stool and brushes her teeth by herself - this occurs about 5 times a day.

OK, the novel is done for now. But whether anyone reads this or not - its ok by me b/c atleast I have these fun traits documented of my children. Traits that I know will change in a few months!