Monday, May 17, 2010

When Your Heart Bursts with Pride . . .

Our little guy often gives us that feeling that parents get when your heart literally feels like it's swelling with pride. Not a feeling better in this world! Carter has been such a blessing to us. He's just such the rule follower and has a work ethic that is fueled by a passionate heart. He truly lives life to the fullest and I love it!!

I actually just told a parent today at Carter's school that I wish I could take 'parenting' credit for his behavior and demeanor ... but I believe God formed his little heart this way and its only my job to steer his passions in the right way and just let him be who God created him to be - a strong heart with tender words and actions.

Carter has been most passionate about BASEBALL lately. He just finished his first TBall season and he finally 'gets' the game. He is either playing Wii baseball (VERY passionately of course.. to the point we've had to turn it off several times b/c he starts to cry when he thinks he might lose), or he's outside with Daddy playing catch, OR he's in front of the tv watching Braves baseball. Yes, we have to now record EVERY game so that he can watch it the next day since he obviously cannot stay up to finish all the games. And when I say he watches it as a 4 yr old, he is not merely glancing at it as he colors or runs around and plays. This kids has eyes glued to every single pitch. We have to pause it for him to go use the restroom.

Of course his passion and leadership spill out in school as well. So today my heart did swell as I watched him on stage singing at his preschool end of the year ceremony. (I wish you could have seen the whole performance and stage to know just how 'on point' Carter was compared to the other kids in his class. The class above his row are older kids by the way)

Thank you God for letting us parent this child - so fun!!