Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Carter!

A few days ago, Carter turned 4 years old. And I'll tell you what - we are certainly not the same without those 4 years of having him in our lives. This kid knocks our socks off! I am so proud of the little person he is becoming - seeing the qualities God rooted deep in his being, begin to really grow!

In honor of the #4 birthday, I have chosen 4 qualities in Carter that we adore:

1- First and foremost, he has the most compassionate heart I've ever seen in such a young boy. Here is a quick story to display that: Last weekend, Carter and Kelsey decided to have a little popcorn picnic under the kitchen table after church on a rainy day. Phill and I were busying around the house. Carter comes up to me and says, "you know what, Kelsey was trying to eat one of these Mommy!" (as he holds up a popcorn kernel). "Oh no," I say, "yeah, don't let her eat those Carter" (knowing that she does usually spit them out if she ever gets one in her mouth). Phill walks in the kitchen and hears a "clink, clink, clink". Fast approaching the sound, Phill becomes aware of his two little picnic buddies putting popcorn kernels down the floor vent. Afterwards, with a quivering lip, Carter starts to explain his motivation for the unacceptable, you-know-better, behavior. "Daddy," he says, "you know the whole reason I was doing that with Kelsey?. . . . I was just trying to keep her from eating those kernels"

(picture of Carter with Mary Laine - he loves holding 'babies')

2. His humor. This is a quality that is quickly developing over the past year. I started to realize that so many of the preschool class mom's were consistently saying that their child loved Carter because he was "so funny"! He has his father's love of slapstick comedy I do believe and at a preschool level, he has been known to put on a little comedy show for us in the evenings. Laughter does soothe the soul.

3. His competitive nature. Again a quality from his dad and one I've already written about. I hope this is channeled more in sports than anything else. But I must say the boy weaves a good competition into all aspects of his life. Even the smallest of tasks. For example, Pops will ask Carter if he needs to go potty (usually from obvious physical "gotta go pee" signs he is displaying). Carter will say, "No, I don't have to." To make the truth come out, all Pops will say is, "I bet you can't go tinkle by the time I count to 15 ... one.. two.. " Promptly we hear the sound of pattering feet towards the bathroom and the potty lid banging open. : )

4. He's a rule follower. We cherish this quality of course as parents - especially since Kelsey was born and we realized not all children are born rule followers : ) He's been this way all his life -- at 18 months we told him to not ever get out of his big boy bed without mommy or daddy coming to get him. Rule explained, rule followed. In his little basketball league this year, coaches told him to stay in his "zone" for defense and hold his hands up. This was the one rule Phill had to try to break all season - so that he'd actually get out of his "zone" and run to get a loose ball. And everytime I put the kids in the car to just go down the street and tell carter he doesn't have to buckle his carseat all the way since we are just going a few houses down, he always says, "oh but mommy, I sure hope there is not a policeman on the street." Thank you Carter for your honest and simple obedience (in most things, he IS still a kid!)



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