Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Starting to debate the Vitamin C and Cold remedy - considering the incredible amounts of orange slices Kelsey has consumed this month and she's had a cold for over 2 weeks. She's happy nonetheless!

Before you report me - let me explain. We do not normally make Carter eat his dinner alone and NAKED at the table (and Kelsey spectate from her STANCE in a chair). However, on this particular night Carter had spilled his water all over himself. He's a slow eater anyways - so by the time we gave him a new plate, took off his wet clothes, etc - everyone else was finished. Carter insisted on finishing his meal at this point and bathtime was soon to follow - so naked he sat at the dinner table. We promise we won't let him do this when we have dinner guests! : )
This isn't a great video of how the "knock knock" rendition usually goes down in our household. Basically Carter is cracking himself up with his own made-up knock knock jokes lately (things like "knock knock - who's there? - chair - chair who?- chair potty car" Phill and I do the appropriate fake "ha ha" to give him a thrill. But we also noticed Kelsey was playing her part quite well too. Turns out, he totally cracks her up everytime!

Halloween 2009