Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring is in the Air ....

We feel Spring set in motion. Between egg hunts, Tball games, and lazy afternoon play in our driveway, it feels so refreshing to be outside. And I must say with Kelsey at 2 yrs old and Carter at 4 yrs old, days are getting so much easier and FUN! We are counting down until the pool opens. In the meantime, we definitely are enjoying any sunshine we can get!

These next pics are taken on one of those 'after nap play in the driveway until daddy gets home' days! The neighbors usually congregate and it makes for such a fun way to spend those dreaded hours for a mom at the end of the day waiting on dinner and daddy : ) [Speaking of Daddy, he bought me this new amazing camera for our 7th anniversary this month - I love it!]

Kelsey quickly insists on being "too hot" in the sunshine so she just takes off her shirt. I mean, that is the logical solution, right mom? She loves watching Carter play 'bay ball' and swings her bat around next to Carter.

Go Nationals! Carter (and whole family) are deeply invested in TBall this year. Who would have thought that a 4 yr old would have to be at the park up to 3 times a week with practices or a game. He takes it seriously though - as you can see with that tonque out!

(Again, shirtless Kelsey - we'll work on that. I promise I did buy her shirts this year)

And the "look." Oh how many countless times a day do we see this look. Actually in this picture she had just fallen down outside while trying to push her babydoll in her stroller. So this look is really saying, "do you really think I want you to take my picture right now Mom?" Phill just calls it her prima donna look.