Sunday, July 19, 2009

Galbreaths in July

We loved every minute of our vacation in Wild Dunes (Isle of Palms, SC). There is nothing like an sunset evening on the beach with your kids!

Carter joined in the game of Ladders with his daddy and cousins. He never lost attention through three games of Ladders and a couple games of Wiffle Ball until dark on the 4th of July.

Don't be too fooled by Kelsey's previous pictures on the beach. Even until the last day, she would much rather be far away from the sand. Occassionally, we'd get her down on the sand to play.

But truth be told, she'd much rather be playing in the condo - perhaps in mommy's bathroom. (Disclaimer: I couldn't decide if this was appropriate or not but we are all adults and let's face it, it's hilarious that a one year old would rather sort tampons than build a sand castle).

Meanwhile, Carter enjoyed the beach and ocean to the fullest. He was enthralled with the sand shark that he and daddy caught one day!!

One night we somehow got lucky enough to have every cousin in our condo for a movie and absolute inhalation of 3 bags of popcorn.
Carter, Luke and Adam got to visit Patriots Pointe and tour the USS Yorktwon. What a neat patriotic experience for the boys!

Kelsey loving on her favorite boys!! (We are waiting on Adam to turn 12 so he can babysit.. only about 6 more years to go)

The kids and I went to Hilton Head for some great Gramie and Pop-pop time before heading to Charleston. As always, we soaked up their love and quality time!