Monday, September 28, 2009

September 2009

So sorry that it has come to providing only monthly posts that really don't do our busy world justice. My guilt lies more in not documenting the precious moments of Carter and Kelsey than it does to my readers (sorry) -- but my goal will be to get back on track this fall!!
As you can see, my kids are really growing up. I feel like Kelsey officially went from baby to toddler this month ... and Carter from toddler to boy!

We had a fun visit with Webb recently. Molly (Webb's mom) became one of the closest friends I'll probably ever have in college. I admire the heck out of her and I pray Carter keeps loving on little Webb his whole life. Webb has full rights to fall in love with Kelsey too : )
Wish we would have gotten the picture of Carter after Webb suddenly spit up his lunch on him. He stayed pretty calm, but was very willing to let Webb go back to his mama!

(Shh.. please don't tell Kelsey she has a bow in her hair. RARE occasion before she pulls it right out. I'm failing at the mother of a girly girl so far! Of course our bow training had been a little delayed since Kelsey's mullet is just now bidding its goodbye.)

More than a few "boo boos"! Carter came literally face to face with the concrete a week ago. His hardcore determination to win a race and show his daddy who can run the fastest is not well combined with CROCS!!! (Note: Mother clearly advised Father to remove crocs and exchange for tennis shoes. Advisory ignored by Father. Result, see below)

Among other excitement this month, I turned the Big 30! My actual birthday night was spent with these two loves of my life!! Nothing better. Of course Phill did not drop the ball - I just returned from a weekend SPA getaway at Reynolds Plantation!

Our Labor Day was spent with our good friends and neighbors at the Atlanta Zoo. It was a great day to be there.

P90X !! Phill (and sometimes me) have recently started doing P90X. I'm so proud of Phill for doing it - it's not easy that is for sure. Carter and Kelsey love joining in with us on Saturday mornings!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Louisville '09

Our annual trip to Louisville, KY for the World Championship Horseshow was every bit as dreamy as Carter thought it would be. Phill and Carter (and Pop-Pop of course) are in absolute heaven in this place. A full day of horses in a ring of green shavings - Carter could not get enough.
Carter's "favorite horse forever and ever" is Sir William Robert. And if you know Carter at all, you have heard this name before. (He names most of his stuffed horses after him). Carter jumped out of bed every morning and got dressed before anyone - combed hair - brushed his teeth and after diligently putting a peppermint in his pocket for Robert, he announced he was ready for the horseshow. He watched for hours on end -- surpassing even my own attention span. No doubt, its "in his blood".
One night as I put Carter to bed in the hotel room, he said, "Mommy I really think that when I wake up I'm gonna be sixteen and I'll be able to ride a horse in the show ring!"
Sir William getting his daily peppermint from Carter.

Kelsey (a whole different story as far as desire to watch the horses), Griffin (a much loved horseshow buddy) and Carter

Maybe the only one to get Carter to smile this big other than a horse ... Miss Kentucky!

Back from the horseshow, and starting school again! Busy boy.

August Travels ... Pigeon Forge, TN

We celebrated the First Annual Galbreath Family Reunion in Pigeon Forge at the beginning of August. We truly enjoyed meeting many many cousins that we'd never met before. Most of the Galbreath clan live up north. I didn't want to post pics of others kids without permission so here are some pics of my kids while in TN.
Carter is probably the best brother I've seen as far as sharing his snacks with Kelsey.

Quality reading time with Daddy in the hotel room.

Kelsey wasn't as thrilled about Spiderman as Carter was - must be a "boy" thing.

Happy 70th Birthday Gramie!!