Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Carter!

Last weekend we celebrated TWO years with Carter. He had a Gymboree party with all of his buddies. I think all the 15 toddlers had a blast! If you ask Carter about his birthday, however, he will simply reply "birrffday... uhh.. CAKE!!!" So yet again, sugar wins him over : )

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Warm Days and Warm Hearts

Carter has loved playing outside every afternoon with this best buddy Hailey. They decided to sit down together to share some raisans. A few hugs and kisses were thrown in there too!

When You Gotta Go... You Gotta Go!

I can not resist telling a short funny story from this week.
Shortly after our morning milk and cartoons, Carter proceeds to sit down at his keyboard and immediately pops back up saying, "uh oh Mommy - poopie!"
Knowing he hasn't gone yet, I say, "oh you NEED to poopie, do you want to go sit on mommy's potty?"
"Yes Yes" as he runs in the bathroom where Daddy is also getting ready for work.
I strip him down and of course when his little bottom hits that big black hole of a toilet, Carter tenses up and wants down. No poopies to account for.
So since I'm already looking at a half naked toddler and I need a shower myself - I take the easy way out and suggest we just hop in the shower. Carter is beside himself.
I tell Phill that I'm going to just grab him a clean diaper and clothes for after the shower.
Gone 45 seconds tops!
I return.
Phill is holding Carter once again over the toilet and I think I see a trail of feces from our bathroom floor.
"He just pooped and peed in my closet!!" replies Daddy (somewhat amused but mostly stressed to the max)
I can't help but laugh.
"It's in the corner over there and probably in my drawers . . . I have to go to work now."
My laughter stops. (I mean 'are you kidding me?')
I did persuade Phill to atleast wait 15 seconds and distract Carter from actually picking up his new creation off the floor that he was reaching for fast.
The best part is that Phill realized he was using his side of the closet for a bathroom when he heard the sound of urine hitting his TriColor Horse Ribbon he'd recently won in a horseshow. Oops! And no Carter did not have super power pee that was able to go through his CLOSED drawers to his clothes - that would just be Phill's over-reaction : )

Yes Santa DID Come!

Ok, so I am finally getting my act together and posting some Christmas and New Year's pics ... just a few weeks late.

As most of you know, Phill and I spent our Christmas Eve in the hospital trying to stop my preterm contractions. Kelsey calmed down and cooperated after 3 injections and a few hours later - meanwhile, Carter didn't even realize we were gone as he opened all his gifts and played with his cousins at Mimi's house. We DID however make it home just in time to put out some Pop Tarts for Santa and tuck Carter into bed!

Carter woke up all smiles on Christmas and loved his Kitchen and stocking toys that Santa brought.