Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Toddler Hide N' Seek is the BEST!

Carter has been very into the "mommy hide" game recently (otherwise known as "Hide and Seek"). We haven't quite perfected it since if we are playing upstairs he goes to hide in the closet and proceeds to BEG me to come in the closet to hide too.
Now, I just can't explain to him that if we both hide (especially in the same place) there is no one to find us -- still, we play this way and he loves it... over and over again.

Yesterday morning I told Carter it was time to go while he was in his highchair coloring. Considering he could not GO somewhere to hide, he decided (in his toddler logical mind) to simply hide behind the marker he was coloring with. I realized what he was doing and the dialogue went like this,

"Oh, Carter is hiding. Where is he? . . . Is he under the couch?"

"Noooooo," says Carter clenching his whole body behind his safe place marker.

"Oh, he must be in the bathroom"


"Is he behind the MARKER??"

"YEEESSS!" as he whips away the marker and reveals himself. Cute : )

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Shutterfly Pictures

Just an FYI - there is a new shutterfly album of pictures at http://thegalbreaths.shutterfly.com/action the password is march22. Enjoy!

Monday, December 3, 2007

In Honor of our Godmother . . . .

As many of you know, Kathryn and Gary Dyksterhouse are the godparents of Carter and little Kelsey on the way. They recently moved to Mississippi and we miss them very much. I have never thought of Kathryn without being so proud and thankful she is in my life. To me, Kathryn is a sincere example of a Woman of God; she has a dependable grace, a transparent yet growing Faith, and a consistency to love despite circumstances. She has always been insipiring to me. For these and many more qualities, Phill and I are so proud to name our daughter after her. Kathryn's full maiden name is Kathryn Elaine Sturdivant. We know our daughter will love her godmother just as we do, as Kelsey Laine Galbreath.

Thanksgiving In Hilton Head

We had so much fun in Hilton Head this year celebrating with Gramie and Pop-Pop. Carter was ecstatic to be back at the beach again after being there with Mimi and Pops a couple weeks beforehand. We are very thankful that he started to actually enjoy the sand and run around on his own - a very different reaction than we got this summer.