Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pretend Sports and Boxing Barney

Well I thought I'd just take time to post about Carter these days. Not that Kelsey is not just as important and entertaining - but she's entertaining in a totally different way ("is she going to sleep now? oh wait.. dang, she's waking up AGAIN. is she hungry? i wonder if she'll wake up at 3am or 5am?? yay, she's been playing and smiling for a whole 15 minutes now! sad, she's been crying for 20 min straight.. is it gas?" etc etc)

SO back to my original post .. Carter. He has been into playing "pretend" lately. He'll say "mommy, let's play baseball" as he holds up his bat ready for my big pitch. He'll hit it with all his might, ask me to clap and then 'run the bases' around the kitchen - sometimes crashing on the floor waiting for me to yell, "safe!" I must say this works out quite well for me. Not only do I not have to clean up any messes after we're done - but I can do this while I'm feeding Kelsey. (Thank you kathryn for teaching him this!) He's branching out in the pretend world too. Yesterday he was scooping up air on the ground and throwing his hands towards me. I finally asked "Carter, what are you doing??" In which he replied, "Mommy, I'm throwing grass at you!" Duh.

Carter is also enjoying our new Wii. (Daddy's impulse buy while Uncle Gary was in town). It's actually working out pretty well, especially for Phill. Carter can not wait for Daddy to get home and go "box" upstairs. Before you start to doubt my parenting for getting my 2 year old into 'video games' - let me tell you that Carter gets just as much excercise pretending to box with daddy than he would if he were running around outside (we don't actually give him the controller but he prances around and punches his heart out) Here is a picture of him showing me some boxing moves.

Which leads me to the last cute story... I went to get Carter this morning from bed and he says to me, "Mommy, I saw BARNEY!!" I thought for a moment and then realized he must have had a dream and remembered it. "What was Barney doing in your dream Carter" I say. "He was BOXING with Daddy!.... can boxing Barney come over again now?" I guess that is what the media does to your 2 year old - creates all kinds of fantastic dreams!!

Ok, enough for now. Kelsey will get the next post I assume. But for now - know that Carter has entered the world of imagination.. and the virtual world at its best : )

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Our Past Week

Life with a newborn gets 100 times better when they start smiling! This week has been so fun with Kelsey showing off her gums for us : ) Pop-Pop and Gramie came to visit last week. Carter was in heaven knowing he had two of his most favorite people with him to play with ... or ride on. (Thanks for taking one for the team Pop-Pop)
Carter attended his first Braves game with Uncle Gary and Daddy this weekend. Due to uncertain weather conditions, the decision to take him was about 20 min before the first inning began. So Phill woke up Carter from his nap (a normally dangerous act considering how foul our 2 yr old can be if not given enough sleep)... but Daddy asked "Would you like to go to a baseball game Carter?" Carter suprisingly jumped up and replied very matter of factly, "I'd LOVE to Daddy!" And the game was just as successful for the little guy.
Gary and Kathryn spent a few days with us from Mississippi. It made us only miss our best friends and godparents even more. Kathryn jumped right in and helped me out so much - one of the few friends I can relax with and LET her help because I know she truly wants to.
Cute Carter Story of the Day : Carter wanted to immediately hold Kelsey when she woke up this morning ( a common request). After a few minutes, I told him it was now time for me to feed Kelsey. Sweet Carter said, "oh Mommy, ME DO IT!"... after which he lifted up his shirt and brought Kelsey in close saying, "come here baby girrrll, come here" It was quite a moment. He was reinacting it in this picture when I asked him about it. Excuse his horrible busted lip - that would be an accident on Daddy's watch last night when he ate the basement concrete climbing out of a chair.