Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kelsey Turns 2!

Kelsey Laine just celebrated two years of life. And that life is FULL in her! In honor of our daughter at her 2nd birthday, I'll share two qualites that I think describe her:

1. Kelsey is fearless. She adores being the star of the room; her eyes are the brightest when people are watching her. This applies to almost every aspect in her little life and an attribute that we are proud of in many ways, but one that we worry about in her too. She is fearless and confident when it comes to strangers. Quite frequently in public she can be found trying to get a stranger's attention to show off her bow or point to Carter to show off her big brother. She is fearless in a physical sense too -- Phill tries to see fear in her eyes throwing her up in the air or flipping her upside down -- but she just smiles and says "again, again".
She's tough and not much can really break her spirit. Especially in the area of discipline. Phill is the stricter parent, and Carter falls right in line at an intense word of instruction from Daddy. Not so much Kelsey. Here's an example:

At dinner table. Kelsey stands in her highchair (eyeing Daddy the whole time, I might add, as if to say, "are you seeing this Daddy? Whatcha gonna do?)

Daddy: "Kelsey, Please sit down and eat your dinner"

Kelsey: Squats down. Then begins to stand up again, cutting her eyes at Daddy.

Daddy: "Kelsey, sit down or you are going to time out"

Kelsey: Pouty face but not sitting down.

Daddy: Gets up from table with a stern look and comes towards her.

Kelsey: Quickly sits down but decides to do it HER way. She turns sideways, plops her bottom down for daddy - but props her feet up on the highchair for herself and eats the rest of her dinner. ('fine, have it your way daddy, but I'll have it mine too)

We just rolled our eyes, and laughed.

An icing eater -- Carter is a cake eater .... does this surprise you?

2. Kelsey is a woman with a detailed plan. Anyone who has babysat for Kelsey knows that if she sits down to do a puzzle or play with a game, she will probably look at you and then tap the spot next to her for you to come sit with her. She won't give it up until you come sit with her either. She has an exact seating chart for the whole family at times. She loves helping me cook or clean and takes that plan very seriously.

She knows how things are done and she wants it done right. By the time she was 15 months, she could climb into the drivers seat in the car (while parked in the garage) and find the correct car key and insert it in the ignition. If she is playing with a doll, I have to get a bowl of goldfish for her AND baby. And of course if she is playing playdoh, I must also get out some for the doll (do I have a 3rd child?) She definately knows what she wants -- this might translate into "bossy" one day, but right now it's mostly cute : )

Here she dressed up in her new princess dress, and of course that meant that Carter needed to dress up too!

She is growing up for sure!

One Year Old

Kelsey at TWO years old! Happy Birthday!