Tuesday, March 25, 2008

We Survived!

I think the Galbreath household experienced some of the roughest times yet. We hosted a BRUTAL virus last week. I'll spare you the details but we were all (except Kelsey) hugging the toilet for days. It has taken Carter a whole week (after 2 visits to Urgent Care) to get back to even putting food in his mouth - so sad : ( Mimi and Pops saved our hineys this week for sure!

Needless to say, we did manage to have SOME Easter fun this year - I was determined to!

Pops and Carter hunted eggs at our neighborhood Egg Hunt. There was a petting zoo brought in and even the Easter Bunny showed up!! ..... (if you are wondering where Phill is in these pictures, he just might be hiding inside that big white furry bunny suit.. haa! he got suckered into doing this about an hour beforehand but he was a big hit and of course Carter thought he was something special when the Easter Bunny appeared in his own house.. and even came out of mommy and daddy's bedroom, hee)

Carter needed to get down on "Bell" the cow's level to have a good long conversation with him

On Easter Sunday we were bound to our germ infested house - except to escape to Maw Maw's for the annual Egg Hunt. Of course I think I get Bad Mom of the Year because for the first time in days, both my kids were sleeping so soundly and I woke them both up and dressed them to go there. (But I couldn't take dissappointing Carter again with yet another 'talked about' event that he missed. Plus, this might be the only year we are able to go since we usually are in Hilton Head for Easter)

(Obviously poor Carter was struggling in this picture after being woken up to hunt eggs - along with his Daddy who forgot to button his pants - and a mom who didn't even notice!)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How Carter Has Adjusted ....

We are continuing to do very well. Carter still has plenty of patience to gain but overall he's adjusting considering it's only been one month of being a big brother and he's been the star of attention for 24 months.
Here is a 'sweet' moment - don't be fooled though .. these are few and far between. But they definitely make the moments of tears worth it! Since I barely have time to go to the bathroom - we've decided to make Carter handle the house cleaning. Ha! Just kidding of course : ) (but I sure didn't stop him when he wanted to mop)
Again Carter steps it up as a 2 yr old and becomes our 'handy man'. .. Actually Carter wanted to be "like daddy" ( a phrase that is becoming more and more common these days) while Phill hung some pictures in Carter's room this weekend.
Yet Carter still remains the protector of his little sister!