Monday, June 22, 2009

Staying 'Cool'

"Hey mommy, is this cool or what?!" (a very common Carter phrase these days)

Sharing popsicles on the deck. Almost everything Carter does or wants lately, guess who wants it too? So Kelsey benefited from Carter's "poopy-in-the-big-potty treat" and got a green popsicle like her brother. Yes they are still in their Pj's because it was probably only 9 am -- it's summertime right?

We made the trek to Cumming to see Ashly and Denny a couple weeks ago. Their neighborhood amenities are gorgeous. We had so much fun catching up with some pizza, pool and playground time!


One of my very favorite things is to watch my two children make each other laugh. There is a special little giggle inside each of them that only a big brother or little sister can unleash.

Rodeo 2009

We had such a fun little date night with Carter last Friday night. My brother and his family invited us along on their annual trip to the Cobb County Rodeo (knowing the horse lover Carter is and how much he loves doing absolutely anything with his cousins). We stayed until the very end (almost 11pm) because Carter had to see the last event -- the actual bull riding!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Photo Scrapbook of our Month . . . .

Tennis Camp for Carter this week!

Annual Redneck sprinkler bath

The dress doesn't mean much on Kelsey - she's still going to ride her tractor and play in the mud with the best of them

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandmama!

We celebrated a birthday for a very special lady last week. A small breakfast and a handful of cousins made for a very sweet morning at our house.

Kelsey is obessed with babies. I call it "obsessed" but I guess I really believe it is the innate desire to mother/nurture that God instills in girls, at even 1 yr old. I love it.
Above is Kelsey and Mia, the newest 2nd cousin for Carter and Kelsey.
Below is Mia's older brother Sam - a total cutie and best bud of Carter.

To the Delta and B'ham ... Sans Kiddos!

Phill and I took a long weekend trip to see our best friends, Gary and Kathryn, in Mississippi. I was most happy to just love on their new little girl, Mary Laine, without having any of my own kids needing my attention. Kathryn was SO good to me when mine were babies so it was nice to pay back the favor, in a very small way. We enjoyed not having to worry about anyone but ourselves on the trip - we got so carried away at the freedom that we probably added on about 2 hrs of travel time down there , stopping anywhere we wanted and staying as long as we wanted -- simply because we could!

Our belated anniversary gift to each other was staying a night at Ross Bridge in Birmingham on the way home. A Delightful place I must say!!! I enjoyed a few hours at their spa before a nice dinner : )
After 5 days away from my babies though - it was due time to return. But THANK YOU to Gramie and Pop-Pop for spoiling, I mean "taking care" of, our kids while we were away!