Monday, February 27, 2012


In an attempt to document the past few months, I thought I'd go back and share some photos of "firsts" in our family.

Kelsey had her first chocolate facial at her 4th birthday - A Princess SPA party!!

All the boys watching their first Super Bowl together!

Collin's first rice cereal -- fed by his big sister!

Collin's first smiles!! We all do our best to get as much of these as possible all day long!

Carter's first (and only??) Chuckee Cheese birthday party!!! He was so excited that he... well that he peed in his pants (literally).. what a memory!

Collin's first introduction to sports. "Uh, Dad, really? I'm just 3 months old - give me some time!"

Collin's first sit in the Bumbo seat. "Am I doing good here mom? Really?"

First time seeing Santa Claus.
First photo shoot - all tuckered out!

First time Carter gets to play basketball with his three favorite men - Daddy, Pop-Pop, and Pops!

First pillow talk with big brother.
Collin's first bath - oh how they love those baths in the first weeks.
Collin's first time peeing on me in the bath.

First lost tooth!!

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